Welcome to PunkyWunky Gaming!

Welcome to PunkyWunky Gaming’s blog!

I’ll be posting various different gaming (and technology) blog-posts & videos for you all to feast your eyes upon. I guess I should take this moment to tell you a little about myself first though and what to expect from this blog, huh?

Hello… Well that sounded awkward. HEY!

My name is Daniel and I’m an avid gaming fan. I probably pay more attention to gaming, than I do my family, friends or anyone else on planet Earth. It’s been there since I was a child and it hasn’t left me since (and trust me, I’m a big kid now). So I have a passion for gaming; it’s my hobby, love and escapism from mundane life.


I currently upload videos to YouTube on a regular basis and enjoy creating the content I make. Whether it’s a play-through of a game, review or just being silly. It’s my little hobby and one method in which I can connect with the gaming community. You guys!

If you’re curious what my channel is like, then feel free to check it out on the following link: PunkyWunky YouTube Gaming Channel

With my blog I will be expanding my exploration of reviewing games, gaming equipment and anything that catches my eye worth noting that I know you guys would love.

So I hope you stick around and check-out my blog posts (or YouTube channel).




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