Top 5 Equipment Pieces You Need to Start a YouTube Gaming Channel


Thinking of starting a YouTube Channel?

If you’re thinking of starting a YouTube channel then you need the right setup and equipment to get started. I’ll cover the bases of a few different channel styles and what type of equipment you’ll need to get your hands on to produce semi-professional content that your audience will enjoy watching and keep them coming back for more!

First thing you need to do is recognize what genre of content you’ll be producing. This is incredibly important as you want to direct your video content towards a particular audience base and continue to produce content specifically for that audience; if you chop and change your content you may find it hard to keep your audience entertained and returning to your channel.

1. Steam


Steam Website

The first thing you’ll need is a gaming platform to store your extensive library of games. I highly recommend using Steam as it’s free to create an account and easy to use. With Steam you can store all your digital game downloads in one organized space; think of it as iTunes for example if you’re familiar with iTunes and having a digital audio library.

Steam works in the same respect, one place where you can digitally purchase all your favorite games, download and access them anytime from your account.

It’s an essential piece of software you’ll need to manage your games, achievements and keep up to date with the gaming community.

2. Game Recording Software


Fraps Recording Software

I personally recommend Fraps recording software as it’s compatible with all desktops and extremely easy to use for beginners. It’s simplistic! Why make things a lot more complicated than they need to be?

With Fraps you can record ANYTHING on your desktop from quite literally your desktop background (aero desktop monitoring) and specifically launched programs; such as games, videos or other software automatically. So there’s no need to channel what you’ll be recording, Fraps will detect the program you’re running and record it.

It also records microphone inputs – so you can attach your headset microphone to record your voice for instance over your recorded footage.

There are other alternatives out there, but most of these require a monthly payment or are extremely expensive. With Fraps it’s a one-off payment and it’s yours for life. I personally use this software to record my gaming footage and you can check the detail of my recording software on my YouTube Channel Here!



Logitech C920 HD Pro USB 1080p Webcam

Speaking as a YouTuber who creates gaming content I would highly recommend getting yourself a webcam – why? Well being able to speak personally to your audience during your videos is crucial in being able to connect with your audience and people also enjoy watching your reactions when playing games; what’s funnier than seeing someone quite literally jump out of their seat when playing a horror game?

I personally recommend the Logitech C920 HD if you’re thinking of getting a decent webcam. It has crisp recording & picture quality at both 720p HD and 1080p HD. It’s one of the few webcams I’ve seen record in such high quality for such a reasonable price.


The webcam can be mounted on top of a television or screwed onto a tripod via a very convenient screw-hole on the bottom of the webcam. This is extremely handy when you wish to move your webcam around and capture different viewpoints within your personal space when creating content.

4. Editing Software


Sony Vegas Pro 13 (PC)

After creating your content you’ll need to edit it to give it a smoother and professional look before publishing your content onto YouTube. Now this is where things might get a little pricey depending upon both your editorial skills and expectations on how you’d like your videos to look once they’re finished.

There’s two roads you could take here.
Firstly, you don’t mind too much with editing your videos… If that’s the case then every computer with a Windows Operating System comes with Windows Media Center. Here you’ll be able to use the basic editing tools FREE to make very basic edits to your video. Such as cropping, adding text or rendering your videos into the correct format ready to be uploaded to YouTube.

Secondly, if you care more about editing and wish to have a semi-professional look to your videos then I would highly recommend Sony Vegas Pro 13. With this program you can make very detailed professional edits to your video content ranging from the basic editorial options to the more advanced editing options such as using Special Effects (Loads of different FX options), Chroma Keyer (used when having a green-screen to delete the background), Lighting/Contrast/Saturation, layers – that enable you to layer multiple pieces of content in one project and much much more…

5. Headset

Every gamer should have a quality headset to immerse themselves into the gaming and it’s also a technical need when recording gaming content – why? When recording yourself speaking during gaming footage the headset eradicates any “playback feed” you get through your microphone. If you attempted to record a game whilst using speakers, you’ll get a loop of external gaming noise through your microphone.

Ever been to a gig and heard that loud screech from their microphone during testing? It’s a similar effect you could get whilst recording with speakers and not a headset, but you’ll have more of an echo in your recording feed from both your recording software recording the gaming sound and your microphone recording the gaming sound. It would be an endless loop of background noise that will ruin your footage!


Turtle Beach Recon 50 Gaming Headset – PC, PS4, PS4 Pro, Xbox One S and Xbox One

I personally use the Turtle Beach Recon 50 headset as it’s compatible with all major consoles (sorry Nintendo users) and provides a quality stereo quality sound with a decent microphone to record with.

It also comes attached with a microphone on/off switch and volume control at your fingertips. It’s comfortable and very reasonably priced for a decent sound quality gaming headset.

Extremely easy to setup as well! You just plug and play via a USB connection!


Overall they’re my top five “must haves” when buying equipment for your YouTube channel career; of course there will always be alternative options, but I’ve outlined what I’ve personally used and what I know works.

I will do further blog post reviews on various other pieces of equipment you could use, but for now I use these pieces of equipment and I highly recommend each of them to get you started with making professional or semi-professional videos in no time for your gaming channel.

Thanks for reading this article and more blog posts will be posted soon!



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