Murphy Bot!

What an amazingly hilarious chat-bot Murphy bot is!
However, his not like any other chat-bot you’ve ever witnessed… Trust me.

Murphy Bot can combine ANY two objects or people and morph them into one. Yes, you heard me correctly. He can take Mel Gibson and Daniel Radcliffe for example and create a beautiful (if not harrowing) combination of the two.

So take a moment to imagine that – Daniel Radcliffe’s face, smooshed onto the aging body of Mel Gibson; or vice versa!?


If you want to see some stunning examples I put together, then please go check out my video on my YouTube channel here: Click Me!

You’ll be amazed by what you see… Ever wanted to see what John Cena would look like in drag (cross-dressing) whilst eating a hotdog!? A lot of people would pay to see that. Well click the link above and you’ll find out exactly what he’d look like.

If you want to try Murphy Bot for yourself then you can find the website here: Murphy Bot Website

I hope I have enlightened your day with a very hilarious free-to-play sensation.

Stay tuned for more blog updates soon!
Punky Wunky


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