Obsessed With Pokemon Trading Cards!

How I Became an Addict once more…

Recently I’ve become the latest victim to be ensnared back into the Pokemon universe. I guess it all started with Pokemon GO’s release back in the summer, but since then I’ve found myself buying Pokemon Trading Cards by the dozen and recently requested a New Nintendo 3DS XL for this Christmas – along with the recently released Pokemon Sun game.

I am well and truly a fully qualified Pokemon addict once more. That young child in me from back in the 90s has awoken and I find myself collecting anything Pokemon orientated – it’s a slippery slope to be on.

Pokemon Trading Cards

So my real point to this article was to write about Pokemon trading cards.
Being reintroduced back into the world of Pokemon card collecting, I was extremely daunted when I realised there were so many different generations of Pokemon cards that now existed; no longer was it confined to the basic cards I once knew. No. You’ve got EX cards, MEGA EX cards, BREAK cards, full-art cards and the list goes on for quite sometime.

There’s also numerous different generation packs to collect from now as well and they all have different Pokemon and special cards to collect in each generation. As you can imagine by this point, I was very overwhelmed. So let’s break things down a little bit here…


  • EX Cards:
    These cards are fully evolved Pokemon that can be played in the trading card game immediately from your hand. Normally you would need to evolve your Pokemon in your deck during the card game in order to play a fully evolved Pokemon, but with EX cards you get to play a fully evolved Pokemon immediately as if it were a basic card that can be played instantly.MEGA EX.jpg
  • MEGA EX Cards:
    As mentioned above – EX Cards are fully evolved Pokemon that can be played straight away from your hand during the trading card game. MEGA EX cards allow you to evolve your EX Pokemon card. In other words… Turn your already incredibly awesome EX card into something even stronger! Think of this card as a power-up or even in some cases an evolve to your EX card.The MEGA EX card is NOT considered a basic card and cannot be played straight away from your hand. This card can only be used if it has the adjoining EX card with it in your hand.BREAL.jpg
  • BREAK Cards:
    These cards are special evolution cards that can be used for that particular Pokemon you have the BREAK card for; so for instance these BREAK cards can be used to first stage Pokemon, Second stage Pokemon – ANY Pokemon depending upon the actual BREAK card you have.You could have a first-stage Squirtle BREAK card for example or a second-stage Wartortle BREAK card. All these BREAK cards are a unique evolution for that Pokemon.

Following so far? I know… It’s very confusing.

The Different Pokemon Packs

There are far too many different Pokemon trading card booster packs and deck packs for me to outline here, but I will name a few popular (and most recent) series of Pokemon trading cards worth checking out.

break point.jpg
Break Point Booster Pack


Well that’s a brief summary of the Pokemon trading cards (most recent series anyway) and the cards I have begun to collect. I’ll be posting pictures of my personal collection in time to come!

Thanks for reading.


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